How To Deal With A Custody Dispute

Getting divorced is not an event anyone really wants to go through.  For children it can be a really hard situation to understand and to live through.  When going through a child custody gainesville dispute it is important that the adults act like adults and not like children.  For the child here are some pointers you can use to work your way through it.

Don’t get mad

Getting mad, blaming yourself and feeling as if somehow it is all your fault is not a way to live.  When adults have issues they revolve around a lot of stuff children don’t understand and really don’t need to concern themselves about.  If you are going through this situation stay calm and focus on you.  Understand that both of your parents love you and they want the best for you in the end. 

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Find a focal point

When going through this find a focal point that you can use as an anchor point.  This can be drawing, playing music, sports or reading.  This focal point should be something that centers you back into yourself and allows you to focus. 


Talking to others may not be easy but it can help.  Find someone that understands, will support you and help you through the situation. 

Don’t act out

Don’t act out.  Violence, destructive behavior and other actions that are not productive should not be entered into.  Many children will feel abandoned and worthless.  Don’t feel this way.  When we act out we are only hurting others.  When you feel like lashing out turn to your focal point, grab onto that and focus.


It will take time.  Adults need to work through a lot of things, and they need your help as well.  Be a rock to both of your parents and make them know how you feel.  Know that they need time to work through whatever it is they need to work out.